We’re going to the Chapel, and we’re going to get married. . .

This summer the wedding bells rang for our family again!  Kassandra married Aaron Stoner on August 10th.  I flew to the USA on July 24th, spent my birthday weekend with Adam, Heidi, and Emory and then went up to Pennsylvania to make Kassandra’s wedding dress.  Fred, Travis, Erik, and Lars arrived on August 5th.  We so enjoyed the time with family!     

Since Erik was the “Maid of Honor” for Kassandra and Travis was a “bridesmaid,” they decided to crash the bridal shower and had matching t-shirts made for themselves and their sisters.  We were so blessed to have my mom and Heidi also there for the bridal shower !              

An outdoor wedding always carries a risk of bad weather, but God blessed with a beautiful day!  The wedding was gorgeous.  Both Kassandra and Aaron wanted their families involved in the wedding ceremony, which made it super special for all of us.

Each time we plan a trip or an event, I notice how quickly it sneaks up on us and then how memories are all we have left.   But, there is so much for which we can be thankful each and every day.  Back in 2012, I started a thankful journal with the goal of writing down 1,000 things for which I was thankful.  The end of August I reached 10,000 on my list.  Although it is a huge number, I know that God has done so much more for me that only the things on my list.  I hope and pray to be more aware of His goodness every passing day.

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