Lost and found

This past Thursday, hubby had 3 different tests at the university hospital in Hamburg.  A few years ago his Vitamin D had depleted (from one of his medications) which led to his bones starting to lose calcium.  One of the tests on Thursday was to see how he was doing after taking Vitamin D for over a year.  Part of the test was to measure his strength and he had to remove his wedding band.  Thursday evening he realized that his wedding band was still not back where it belonged but after a search through all of his pockets we were still missing his ring.

Let me insert here, that I am by far the more emotional one in our relationship, but the missing ring really upset hubby.  Sure it would be sad to lose a ring after almost 28 years, but, hey, we could always buy another ring.

I had this feeling that I should look in the car, but kept putting it off.  Finally, Sunday morning, in a rare moment that I was ready to leave the house before the rest of the family, I walked 1/2 block to mail 2 letters and then decided to look in the car for the ring–and sure enough, there it was!  It really does not make any sense and we have no idea how it got there, but we are thankful.  I walked into the kitchen where hubby was washing some dishes and said “I have something for you.”  He knew right away and actually teared up at having his ring back.

How thankful I am that our marriage is not dependent on losing a ring or many other little things that can and do go wrong.

Kassandra has a class at school where she works with metal.  On Friday she came home with bruised and cut fingers, and also this beautiful copper rose that she made all by herself!

Copper rose that Kassandra made.

Copper rose that Kassandra made.

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