Family Time

When the 3rd stimulus money was deposited into our account, we decided to tuck it away with the prayer we could visit our children and grandchildren. It had been 2 years since we had seen most of them.

God gave us such a great visit! Time just hanging out, praying, singing, talking, playing. Nathan made targets for hatchet throwing and bought supplies to do that. I would have never thought it would be something I would enjoy, but it was tons of fun! Erik taught us how to play Pickle Ball which was also tons of fun.

The 2nd weekend, we had our crew all together. The evening of sharing and praying together is by far the best memory in my heart. God is at work in our family and we are blessed beyond measure.

Since we were close to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, Adam took us to see where my great-great-great-grandfather fought in the Civil War. How cool to stand in the spot where he stood. And, how thankful I am that God spared his life.

The week with Adam and Heidi was spent moving. Only God could have timed that! We were blessed to have been available to help and also thankful we could see their new place.

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