One Thousand Gifts


I read this book the beginning of 2012 and re-read it on our anniversary trip to Crete in June 2012.  I appreciate the way the author is honest about her struggles in life, because I can relate to much of what she mentioned.

The idea of “counting graces” fascinated me, and I started my own notebook.  God’s blessings are all around me–I just need to take the time to notice them!

One quote from Ann that I repeat to myself over and over again is, “Life is not an emergency!”  I am often in a hurry, trying to race the clock, get more accomplished and cross off yet more on my to-do list.  But, at what cost?  Does being in a hurry ever bless those around me?  Is rushing around really what God has for me?  So, I attempt to slow down, enjoy life and be aware of God’s thousands of blessings!