Answering God

The subtitle to this book is:  “The Psalms As Tools For Prayer.”  My  first reaction to this book was that it was not at all what I expected, but as I continued to read, I was challenged to not just read the Psalms, but to pray them from my heart!  There is comfort in knowing I can pour out my heart to God without worrying about offending Him–He knows all of my thoughts anyway.

Quote from pages 87-88:  ” We pray through each psalm and hit every note, sound every tone of feeling that we are capable of and learn to be at home with all of them before God.  But the feelings do not have the first and controlling word.   God does.  The feelings are incorporated in the prayers, not the prayers in the feelings.”

This a book I will definitely have to read again soon to be able to absorb more of it.  In the mean time, I am learning to pray the Psalms!


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