Ada Joy

The beginning of January when Fred was home between hospital visits, Kassandra and Aaron let us know they were expecting a baby the end of August. Fred was so thrilled. It is sad for me that she will never meet him and the younger grandchildren will not remember meeting him. He loved being Opi to our precious grandchildren. Yet, life goes on, there is a time to be born and a time to die. Fred left this earth in February and Ada Joy joined our family on August 22nd. The name Ada comes from the German form of nobility, and Joy is a promise that she will bring joy–which she already has.

God has graciously allowed me to be in the US during this time. I spent time with my brothers in Minnesota, ten days with Heidi and family in Maryland, I got to witness Ada being born and now have time to help Kassandra with daily life, as well as hang out with Julianna and family.

My heart is still aching with the loss of my dear husband, but I must choose my focus each day. I can focus on my pain or I can focus on God’s many gifts.

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